"EUR/CHF" is a real-time visualization of the exchange rate between Euro and the Swiss Franc. It was shown as a contribution to the media facade event at the Manor warehouse in Basle in 2011. (...)


CubeBrowser is a six display cube with digital screens that connects to online databases like (...)

Pedestrian Light

A traffic signal in downtown Kowloon / Hong Kong is alternating its light betwen green and red. While showing red, the pedestrians have to wait and stand still. Cars and trucks are passing by. An experimental short created with a self-developed granular video synthesis algorithm. (...)

Der Offene Schaltkreis

A silent labyrinth created out of open copper trails on the floor carries the electrical signals of a multichannel sound repository. By putting wireless speaker-cylinders on them, the carried sound layers can become audible and the interpretation by the visitors gets possible. (...)


Timeslots is using the so-called "chrono-photography" to render the progress of time in space to a image in a scan like process. A self-developed algorithm is translating video frames slit by slit to a scan image, that rearranges the time to a transition from left to right. (...)

Biometric Exhibition

I have designed and developed a network application for the Cologne Science Center that integrates several third-party biometrical scanning devices into the exhibition. (...)

Online catalog for Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

Together with Martin Hesselmeier I developed a new website catalog for the KHM library. (...)


HCII 2014, Crete, Greece

July 2014

Resonate, Belgrade, Serbia

April 2014

Science Kitchen / Seminar Georg Trogemann, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany

May 2014

Seminar Hörner/Antlfinger, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany

May 2014

Workshop at ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland

January 2014

100 Jahre Schweizer Werkbund, Brugg, Switzerland

December 2013

Synthesize, Academy of Art and Design Basel, Switzerland

September 2013

New Talents Biennale, Cologne, Germany

May 2012

Carrefour des Possible, Mulhouse, France

December 2011

MANOR video wall, Basle, Switzerland

2011/12/01 - 2011/12/24

Lodz Design 2011, Lodz, Poland

2011/10/14 - 2011/10/30

Wanderlust, Kingsland Studios, London

2011/10/01 - 2011/10/05

Zimmer Frei, Eindhoven

2011/08/27 - 2011/08/28

Hug Me Heimlich, Boutique am Ebertplatz, Köln

2011/08/12 - 2011/08/13

FILE Festival, Sao Paulo

2011/07/19 - 2011/08/21

HCI International, Orlando / Florida

2011/07/09 - 2011/05/14

Summer Show, Royal College of Art, London

2011/06/23 - 2011/07/3

FILE Games, Oi! Futuro, Rio de Janeiro

2011/04/12 - 2011/05/08

RCA Interim Show, London

2011/02/02 - 2011/02/07

Fun With Software Exhibition at MU, Eindhoven

2010/11/12 - 2011/01/04

DAAD stipend for artistic development 2010/2011

October 2010, Bonn, Germany

Fun With Software Exhibition at Arnolfini, Bristol

2010/09/24 - 2010/11/21

Presentation at E­‐Culture Fair Dortmund

2010/08/23 - 2010/08/25

Exhibition at PLATINE Festival Köln

2010/08/16 - 2010/08/19

Lecture at "Living Matter" Summer School Köln

2010/07/19 - 2010/07/23

Lecture at Institut Visuelle Kommunikation HGK Basel

July 2010, HGK Basel, Switzerland

iF Concept Award - Honorary Mention

April 2010, Hannover, Germany

"Custom Made" Night (as part of the Ron Arad Show)

March 2010, The Barbican, London

Design Interactions Interim Show

2010/02/02 - 2010/02/09

Nomination Cologne Design Price

October 2009, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln

1/AWARD @ Art.Fair

October 2009, Expo21, Köln

f/stop festival

July 2009, Leipzig

Sigchi 2009

April 2009, Boston / USA

technarte conference

April 2009, Bilbao / Spain

Biometric Exhibition

April 2009, Odysseum, Köln

Linux Audio Conference

March 2009, KHM, Köln

digitalight workshop

January 2009, KHM, Köln

testlab @ v2_ institute for the unstable media

January 2009, Rotterdam / Netherlands

Bayer Innotech

March 2008, Köln

Yahoo! Design Expo

July 2007, Silicon Valley / USA

Residency at Hong Kong University

April 2007, HKU, SAR Hong Kong

Infoslider @ ZDF Pavillion

March 2007, CeBit, Hannover

MakeArt Festival

February 2007, Maison d'Architecture, Poitiers

Linux Audio Conference

February 2007, TU Berlin, Berlin

"Die Gesellschafter" Award

October 2006, Expo21, Köln

Lange Nacht der Museen

October 2006, Köln

Kunstraum 22

July 2006, Köln


This website is about the work of Ludwig Zeller. He experiments in the fields of interaction design and art.